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Facebook links and 2 tattoo conventions this spring in Pennsylvania! :D

Hey everyone!  :)  

Things are really starting to take off here at Inkpulsive Custom Tattooing, <-- this is our facebook page since the website is still under construction.  You can also become a fan of SharpTattoos, which is my own page on facebook.  :)  


Jen and I will be attending and tattooing at 2 conventions in Pennsylvania this spring... the first of which will be the Philadelphia convention. 

Click here for more information!  :D

This is actually my fourth Philly show.  It's a rather large show and always a good time.  :)  

The second convention this spring is the 3rd annual Skindustry Invitational -  April 23 - 25th 2010 in the Lehigh Valley (Allentown).  We've been there every year so far and it's easily one of my favorite shows to attend.  It's a smaller, laid back show and all of the artists are hand-picked by the guys at Quillian Tattoo.  If you're in the area, check it out.  You won't be disappointed.  :)   Hope to see you there! 
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It's been a while.

Sorry I haven't been around.  I've been spending most of my time online at myspace... and facebook... but other than that it's work, work, work. has been updated and that's why I'm posting this here...  just in case you're still following along.  :)  

After 9 long years at Ink Alternative, I decided that change is good, and moved on to greener pastures.  I've sacrificed a lot over time.  More than I should have...  but good things come to those who wait. 

InkPulsive Custom Tattoo Studio was opened by my friend Jennifer Andersen on May 8th 2009. This is a bright, clean, artsy, drama free establishment where we can create the perfect design just for you. Imaginations are running high and we're ready to put our spot on the map. Receiving your tattoo should be a great experience.

InkPulsive Custom Tattoo Studio
401 Hawkins Avenue
Lake Ronkonkoma 11779

For questions or to schedule a consultation/appointment, please call 631-648-9430

We've set up InkPulsive with it's very own myspace page.  <--photos of our new place can be seen here.

If you're a tattoo artist, if you're a collector, if you're an enthusiast, if you're curious about tattoos or just appreciate the art, add us!  :D  This is where I'm working now.

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Artists, Musicians, Sculptors, Painters, Photographers, Creators... This WILL make you sick!!!

This is the most horrible thing I've ever seen!  
This bill will require every artist to register their works and pay for the copyright... and that means-
Otherwise, if you put an image out there, or a song... or the image of a sculpture...  even a photograph...  it can be snapped up by anyone... and be considered theirs.  If it's not officially copyrighted it would be considered public domain.  Orphaned work.

So, someday you might see your art on thousands of t-shirts and see companies making huge profits on your artwork and you get nothing.  Not even recognition. 
Now, wouldn't that piss you off?

Check out this link:

  And if you're as pissed as I am, spread the word. 
Artists everywhere- your work is your own and no one should have automatic rights to that. 
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2 Conventions - Eastern Pennsylvania - April 2008

Jen and I will be attending and tattooing at the
Lehigh Valley Skindustry Invitational Tattoo Expo
Allentown Pennsylvania - April 4th, 5th & 6th


Cheryl and I will be attending and tattooing at the
Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention
Philadelphia Pennsylvania - April 18th, 19th & 20th

So... If you're in the area and plan on attending, stop by and say hi! :)
If you're interested in adding more body art to your collection, give us a call at
Ink Alternative (631)698-3656 and we'll be happy to help you set up an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you there! :D

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I found when searching for aftercare tips on Google. In my excitement to get home and show off my tattoo, I lost my aftercare instructions! (I know, I know- Silly noob.) I must say, on top of having an informative website, you're quite pretty and extremely talented! Kudos for having such an open mind, especially as an artist. It's very nice to see.

After just over three years I'm sure I killed an entire forest or two while sketching, but I finally finished my first design and had it done last Sunday. (If anyone is interested, there is a lengthy post about my first timer's experience in my journal along with pictures.) 

I am very pleased with the result, and I want to take the best care that I can. I know there are tons of products out there and I have read your information about aftercare. Unfortunately, I have highly sensitive skin, especially with soaps, lotions, scents etc. I took the bandage off once I got home (roughly two hours) and had it gently washed. (It's on my back, so I can't reach it which will be good for when it gets itchy!) I'm letting it air dry rather than use a cloth of any type, and I am following your advice about fast showers. Since then, I have had a thin amount of aloe vera applied twice a day, when I wake up and before I go to sleep. 

My question is, is it okay to be using aloe vera? Can I use it for the duration of the healing process, and afterwards? I chose it because I know my skin won't react to it at all, whereas with heavier lotions like Lubriderm I tend to react quickly and badly.
Thanks in advance for any responses I get.


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